Thursday, 14 April 2016

Paris 2016!

Hello my lovelies,

This month I went on a lovely little trip to Paris with my boyfriend. It's the first time I have ever been abroad with a partner and it was such a wonderful experience. We went away for Ross' birthday and we made it coincide with my half term. We only went for 3 days, so quite a short break, but that was all that we needed!

Day 1
After travelling on the Eurostar for 2 hours we arrived in Paris at around 2pm. We had to get the metro to Convention station as that was the closest to our hotel. I was worried about using the metro but it turned out to be identical to the London tubes so it was all okay! Our hotel was quirky and fun. It was surrounded my owl memorabilia and was a decent size. The shower in this hotel was amazing, I know that's a weird thing to say but honestly it was great. It was a massive rainfall one, it is now safe to say that I want one in my house.

After we unpacked our stuff we headed over to the Arc de Triumph because we knew there were shops there to have a mooch about it. After seeing the Arc de Triumph we went for a walk along the streets and we stumbled across the Laduree macaroon shop. As you all know I am a keen baker so this made me extremely excited. Ross was kind enough to let me get whatever macaroons I wanted. I got 6 flavours which were: vanilla, chocolate, praline, strawberry, raspberry and salted caramel. They were delicious, no other macaroon will compete! After this we headed for dinner, it had been a long day and we were starving. We found an Italian restaurant and we ordered a pizza each with some chips. It was raining at this point so it was nice to hide in the shelter!

Day 2 
Our second day in Paris was our full day so we wanted to make the most of it. I had booked a meal up the Eiffel tower as Ross' birthday treat so we made our way over there. This was going to be a bucket list experience and we were both very excited! As we entered we were escorted into a lift that was manned by a very nice gentleman. He told us what we were seeing as we ascended. Our coats were then taken and we were shown to our table. We were lucky enough to have a table by the window which meant that we had spectacular views of Paris. We opted for the 5 course menu which consisted of: sea bream, duck liver, asparagus and truffels, pork, rhubarb ice cream and a chocolate dessert. It was all so delicious and beautifully presented. We treated ourselves to a glass of champagne each too.

After our meal was finished we were shown to the viewing area that is cornered off for La Jules Verne guests. This was lovely, especially since I did not know this was part of the meal price. We spent a while having a look over the views and admiring how beautiful Paris is. On the way out we collected our coats (and got free cake, score!) and then we were shown back down in the elevator again. I would 100% recommend this to anyone going to Paris, it was very expensive but it was worth it.

We then decided to wonder down towards the Notre Dame and have a look at the beautiful building. I am in awe as to how intricate all of the carvings are on the building, it was very impressive. After a while we were tired so we headed back to the hotel for a bit to freshen up and have a little nap! When it was nearing dinner time we decided to head towards the Louvre, we wanted to see that lit up at night - and by chance we saw the Eiffel tower light up too. It was beautiful. We stopped off for dinner in another Italian restaurant. I grabbed some pasta and Ross had a burger. The food was really lovely, and again we were lucky enough to be sat near an open window so we could admire the views.

Day 3
In the morning we had to pack to leave the hotel. I booked our return Eurostar in the evening so we had another quite packed day in Paris. After checking out we made our way over to the Sacre-Coeur, a gorgeous church on the top of a hill. It is a bit of a steep walk with lots of stairs but it is definitely worth it for the view at the top of it. We managed to grab a bench at the top of the Sacre-Coeur, bathed in the sun and relaxed. 

Later on we headed towards the Pantheon, a place I have never been before. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it here. They had crypts underneath the building that contained people such as Victor Hugo, the writer of Les Miserables. This isn't everyone's cup of tea but I found it really interesting!

We then decided to go for a walk with no direction and we ended up stumbling across Jardin de Luxembourg, a gorgeous garden with a massive fountain. The weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect setting to sit down and relax. Ross did try to convince me that crocodiles lived in the fountain but I wasn't falling for any of that nonsense, haha!

It was then time for us to go back to the real world. Even the journey home was beautiful. We got to watch the sun set as we travelled on the Eurostar, we were very lucky. This was such a romantic holiday and I enjoyed every moment of it. Our next trip planned is Turkey in August, the fact that this holiday was so perfect makes me even more excited for the next one!

Have you been to Paris before? What was your favourite part?

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