Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Summary #49

Hello my lovelies!

This week has been nice and chilled but filled with really great days. It has been lovely to catch up with my family and to see my cats - I missed them all so much! The main event of this week was going to London to see the Book of Mormon, see my post for that here. I had such a great day and I would definitely recommend the show! I also spent this week catching up with friends, going to my friends 21st birthday party and sorting out all of my paperwork from Teach First. There was a lot of it! Next week I am off to Venice with my 2 best friends and I am SO excited and I will keep you updated! How was your week?
Off out to lunch with my family, broken bed - oh dear, baked triple chocolate cookies, baked strawberry and cream cupcakes, went to see the Book of Mormon, went to visit my Nan for a catch up, sunny cuddles with my cat, sorting out all of the paperwork from Teach First, London with my Mumma!

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