Saturday, 8 August 2015


Hello my lovelies!

On the 16th July 2015 I graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with a 2:1 in BSc Psychology, specialising in Social Psychology. Never in a million years would I think that I could say that! I am so proud of myself, and everyone else in my year. We all worked so hard to get the results that we wanted and I could not have asked for a better bunch to do it with.
Graduation was a lovely day. It was quite warm, made even warmer by the big black robes but it was worth it! I started off the day by picking up my Nan, seeing her so excited made me even more emotional. We drove down to my uni and I went to pick up my robes and hat straight away. I had a lot of issues with my hair though, full fringes and hats do not mix well! Once I was dressed I went and had my professional photo done. The lady was so sweet and she had to stand on a stool because I was too tall for her! Haha.

I then went back down to my family and started taking loads of photos with them. Royal Holloway is such a beautiful uni so we were very lucky to have such a beautiful backdrop in all of the photos. We got there quite early so we mooched around for a bit until the ceremony started. Just before I went in I went to go and get my graduate year book and I found out that I had won the 'Most Organised' award, as voted by all of my peers. How nice!

The time then came to get ready for the ceremony. We went into another building and had a chat with our head of year. That was sad because he is leaving and it seemed like an end of an era! We then lined up to start the procession through the chapel where the ceremony was taking place. We walked through once so we could see where our families were and so we knew the route to walk down. Then it was just a matter of time waiting for my name to be called.

I was actually really nervous, more nervous than I thought I would be. I was worried I was going to shake the Principle's hand wrong, that I was going to fall over or just make a general show of myself. Luckily nothing went wrong and I even managed to give my family a wave on the way through. Some of my friends even payed to go to the ceremony so it was really nice to see their supportive little faces too!

After the entire ceremony was finished, we lined up in the quad of our uni waiting for the families to come out. We all cheered them to show our thanks for all of the help they gave us throughout the university process. I don't know if all uni's do this but I thought that it was a really lovely touch to show our thanks. Once we had our fill of champagne and food we lined up for our group photo where we got to chuck our hats into the air! That was really fun and I was glad I was next to two of the closest people from my degree.

Later on I went to visit some staff from where I used to work. They had kindly got me a bottle of champagne to say congratulations and thank you for working at The Hub! That made me miss them even more and appreciate how lucky I was to work there. After this my family and I went for a meal at Bill's to round off the day. I really enjoyed myself and it was so nice to see everyone dressed up with massive smiles on their faces! Definitely a day to remember.

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