Friday, 10 July 2015

#ALittleMemory with Solopress

Hello my lovelies!

I love photo's and I love documenting all the little things that happen in my life. They act as a great way to reminisce and I can't wait to look back on them all when I am older. When Solopress got in contact with me about the #alittlememory campaign I knew I had to get involved. The campaign is to raise money for the Little Havens Care hospice in Essex. They provide care for little youngsters that don't expect to reach adulthood. The hospice uses the money to create amazing memories for them, something we often take for granted and a campaign that we can all get behind!
The campaign involves tweeting your favourite picture with the hashtag #alittlememory, explaining why this is your favourite photo and nominating a friend. For each person that uses the hashtag and tags a friend Solopress will be donating £1 to the Little Havens Care hospice. This is amazing and it is going to such a great cause! Please, please, please get involved and start getting this hashtag trending! It is easy to do and all the money donated by Solopress will be making little children's lives better. Here is my photo and it is on twitter too!

This is my favourite photo because it encompasses an end to an era. This was my summer ball with my two best friends. It was an amazing night and I couldn't have spent it with better people!

Not only is Solopress doing this for Little Havens, they also sent me some goodies so I could create my own memories. They were so generous and gave me a selfie stick, a one line a day diary and my own personal memory book. The memory book was such an amazing thing to receive. I am missing my family and friend at the moment so seeing those photo's made me feel close to them again.

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