Saturday, 20 June 2015

Internet pet peeves

Hello my lovelies!

1. Trolls
Not the type that live under bridges, but those annoying bastards that comment on everything. I have seen a lot of twitter trolls recently and they really get on my nerves. Why go out of your way to be horrible to someone you don't even know? I just can't see the logic.

2. Follow someone on twitter and you get a DM...
You all know the ones. You follow them on twitter and 2 seconds later you receive a DM asking you to check out their blog or YouTube channel. I actually was going to but I no longer will out of principle. I am all for self promotion but try sending me a tweet with a bit of personality, not an automatic DM.

3. How much money it makes me spend
This is more my lack of will power than the internet but oh well. I see so many reviews and always justify it with 'I can review it for the blog' or 'my readers would love this too'. Before I know it I am £50 poorer and surrounded by unnecessary make up. 

4. How it is so ingrained in society
This is a pet peeve of mine, but I am also guilty of doing this so it is a bit of a catch 22 situation. I hate how reliant we all are on the internet as a generation. How did people survive before satnavs, facebook and twitter? We have lost the art of communication face to face and I think that is really sad. 

5. Internet speak
I hate the majority of slang and abbreviations on the internet. I mean, just speak properly for the love of good. People are such fast typers that it doesn't really make a difference if you type the whole word or the abbreviation. Difference is, people will probably respect you more for typing in full literate sentences.

What are your internet pet peeves?

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