Monday, 1 June 2015

A week of change and fun

Hello my lovelies!

It probably doesn't seem like I have had a break from blogging because I scheduled all of my posts last week, but I have had a week off. I didn't really know that I needed it but it turns out I did. This week has been a week full of change and I wanted to fully immerse myself into it instead of worrying about how it would look in a blog post. Now that I have some down time I am going to fill you in on the past week and how amazing it has all been.

On Tuesday I had my last ever undergraduate exam and this marked the end of my degree. It was so weird counting down the last minutes knowing that after this, the education side of my degree is complete. After leaving the exam I went to take some cheesy photo's outside of my uni. I felt so proud of myself for getting through these 3 years and I am glad that I worked myself hard, because it makes it feel like an even bigger achievement. As you all know, since April I have been revising non-stop for my exams which means I haven't had much of a social life for a few months. Now that exams had finished I planned to change that straight away.

On Wednesday I went on my first night out after 3 months and it was so much fun. Everyone was out and it was so nice to see how happy everyone was and how much fun they were all having. We danced the night away and I actually managed to stay until the end (for anyone that knows me, this is a big deal!) I did have a hangover the next day but it was totally worth it. I also went out on Friday night with everyone but didn't stay too late because I had work the next day.

That may sound boring, but the reason why I wanted to leave early was because it was my last ever shift at The Hub. You know a job isn't 'work' when you enjoy doing it and you look forward to your shifts. I definitely felt that with The Hub and I was really emotional to leave. I did get egged as a goodbye though - thanks guys! Later that evening after my last shift I went out for some leaving drinks with my work friends and I had such a great night. We ended up at Medicine, a 'club' on our campus, and I had such a great time. It was hard saying goodbye because they were all such a big part of my uni life but I am certain I will keep in touch with them, but I will miss them sorely.

While this was all happening, I was staying at my best friends' house (Lucy, Tommy and Dan) and I had so much fun. My biggest regret of uni was not meeting them all sooner and deciding to live with them. After spending around 5 days with them this week I saw how much I would have loved living with them. I can completely be myself around all of them and I feel so comfortable. It was lovely waking up and having my best friends there to talk to and laugh with. I honestly had the best week and it was because of these three. Living at home makes me appreciate them even more, and it is starting to hit home how much I am going to miss seeing them all the time when I move to Kent.

So that has been my has been filled with laughter and change, but most importantly it has been filled with memories. This week has made the 2 months of hard work worth it and I can't wait for the next few weeks either!

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