Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday Summary #44

Hello my lovelies!

Another week filled with boring revision but I had a few meals out this week and went to see Pitch Perfect 2! Let me tell you now, it was AMAZING. I will be doing a full post about it but if you are in two minds about going to see it, I would definitely recommend it. I went a saw my friends for the evening before Pitch Perfect 2 which was lovely. I hadn't left the house for 5 days and I felt like I was going mad so it was nice to have human interaction. My Mum also bought me some pyjamas this week which I found very funny. They say 'eat, sleep, tweet, repeat' true!

Meal out with Mum and Dad, pyjamas that my parents bought me, I baked oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies, went to see Pitch Perfect 2, went to see my friends..., went to Frankie and Benny's with my friends, bought some sandals on a trip to town with my Mum.

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