Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Summary #42

Hello my lovelies!

This was was quite a chilled one because my exams officially started on the 28th. Now that they have started I am sure the next month will fly by! I had a rotten cold this week so a lot of it was spent feeling sorry for myself with my nose in a tissue. I did manage to have a few trips out though which made the week fun. The first one was a trip to Primark. I have not been in ages and I was having withdrawal symptoms! I bought some amazing smart clothes for when I start Teach First. They have a great selection at the moment. Another fashion item I bought was my graduation dress (eek!) I went for a floral dress with yellow in it because that is the colour of my hood. I love it and it is just perfect! I went and visited my friend Maddy who I met through Teach First. She cooked me dinner and we had a catch up which was lovely. I baked some cookies for her using Tanya Burr's recipe. I tweeted this to her and she retweeted so my Twitter went made for the day! It currently has 1,292 favourites and 111 retweets (madness!) I also launched a giveaway on my blog this week. I am doing a giveaway of a Ciate nail polish set, you can enter here if you fancy your chances! I hope you all had a great week :)

Smart clothes for Teach First, my graduation dress, I won a competition for some Kentish oils, satisfied my Domino's craving, cuddles with my cat, Ciate nail polish giveaway, Tanya Burr retweeted me!, feeling ill, and my view of my uni after my first exam.

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