Saturday, 9 May 2015

Day in the life: Jen and James' Wedding

Hello my lovelies!

Weddings are such a magical thing. There is nothing more special than watching two people declare their love for one another and to see how happy they both are. At the end of April I was lucky enough to go to my Auntie's wedding and share their special day with them. The last time I went to a family wedding I was very young so I didn't properly understand what was going on. This time was completely different and I completely understood the importance and what a special day it was. 

Before I get into the day I just thought I would show you a quick OOTD. I chose a purple dress from Boohoo with a lace back. I paired it with a black belt and some chunky black platform heels. I went for pear jewellery so I wore pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet and a delicate pearl necklace. My sister curled my hair for me (thanks Han!) and I was wearing No.11 Eyelure fake eyelashes which stayed on all night - I was so impressed!

My Auntie looked so stunning in her dress. Mum and I both cried when we saw her walk down the aisle! I am very close with my Auntie so it was lovely to see her so happy. She managed to get through her vows without crying (which she was worried about) and after that I could see her relax! James (the groom) fits in really well with our family. I am happy to have him as an Uncle and to welcome him to the nut house.

After the ceremony had finished we went outside to take photos and throw confetti. It was really nice because Jen and James decided to take photo's with family and friends. This is quite different because a lot of weddings I have been to only have photos with family. These will be lovely to look back on! The confetti photo was a lot of fun. The venue had a lovely courtyard and the photographer climbed up some stairs and took the photo from above. We haven't seen the photo's yet but I am sure they will look amazing! After the photo's were taken I took my chance to have a look around at the decorations and take some photo's for myself. Jen and I have a very similar taste in decorations so I loved everything she had chosen! It was a mixture of shabby chic and kitch items. A lot of bunting and flowers - perfect!

After this we went into the reception room and sat down for food. The food was amazing. My favourite was the steak main course. Never before have I tasted steak so good. I was very happy! After the meal was finished the speeches started. These were both funny and emotional. The main emotion was that Jen's Dad, and my Grandad died at a very young age which meant that he couldn't be there for her special day. My Grandad's best friend did a speech as a tribute for him. There were many tears from family and he really did Grandad proud. I can speak on behalf of him when I say that he would be so proud of the lady that Jen has become and I am sure he was watching down on you. 

After the speeches had finished it was time for the night time guests to arrive and to get the party started! There was a DJ and a photo booth so I was a very happy girl. I danced to songs with my little cousins and I had such a fun time. The photo booth was hilarious because of all the props and I cannot wait to see the photo's! Jen and James' first dance was to Ed Sheeran's Thinking out Loud - this was such a sweet moment! The evening finished just before midnight and I drove home with some tiddly parents and sister. We all had an amazing night and I am so happy we could be a part of their special day. I wish Jen and James a lifetime of happiness and love!

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