Thursday, 7 May 2015

April favourites!

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful April and that May will bring some happy memories and a joyful month. April was pretty average for me. I revised for the majority of it with a few days off here and there. The main event of April was my Auntie's wedding. It was such a special day and there is going to be a blog post up on that soon! Even though I haven't been out much I have got some new favourites that I really enjoyed in April. I found myself reaching for them over most products or items so that can only be good! So here they are...

Olay double action day cream and primer - A couple of months I go I was experimental with my moisturiser and I moved away from this one. I missed Olay's formula so much that I repurchased this one as soon as my other one had finished. This moisturiser is perfect for dry skin. It is quite thick but I like that in a moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin nicely and always leaves it feeling hydrated. I won't be leaving this one again any time soon!

MAC Lady Danger - never before have I loved a lipstick as much as I love this one. I only own 4 MAC lipsticks but this is by far my favourite. It is a matte finish and it is a gorgeous bright orange/red shade. The matte finish is perfect and it makes the lipstick last for ages without even having lip liner. I finished a 5 course meal without it even moving! I am a big fan of bright shades, if you are too then you would also love this.

River Island sunglasses - we were lucky enough to have a few weeks of sun here so I bought some sunglasses. I love this style because it just makes every outfit look that little bit cooler. It has a cat eye frame and the inside has a leopard print that goes along the rim and the ears. I also love the little gold detailing at the top of the sunglasses. Just adds that little something! I have been wearing these whenever I can and I have been loving them. 

 Barry M nail varnish in blueberry - I bought this polish for my Auntie's wedding because it was the exact colour of my dress. I love the Gelly formulas. They apply nicely, last for ages and dry quite quickly too.This colour is gorgeous for Spring and I have been reaching for this whenever I wanted to paint my nails.

Baking recipe book - my Auntie bought this for me without realising it had been on my wishlist for ages. It is a baking book where you can write down all of your recipes so you can have them all in one place. The inside has separators such as 'puddings, cakes, cupcakes' etc. so you can organise them accordingly. I have really enjoyed writing these down and it will be a nice thing to keep!

Favourite programme - Stalker. I have only just started watching this but MY GOD it is amazing. It is about the LAPD stalker section and each episode revolves around a different stalker. There are around 6 main characters that you follow throughout but I like that each episode is individual. I am hooked on this and can't wait to finish the series!

Favourite song - Cheerleader by Omi. This song is very marmite according the radio but I absolutely love it. It is so catchy and cheerful and it always gets stuck in my head! It is the perfect Spring song and it always cheers me up.

What have been your April favourites?

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