Thursday, 2 April 2015

What's on my iPhone 5s?

Hello my lovelies!

I had a request to do a what's on my iPhone post and I thought it was a great idea! I love being nosy and seeing other people's versions of these, so why not do one for myself? I use my phone for pretty much everything but I try to keep my apps down to basic ones I need or ones I absolutely love using. I have an iPhone 5s in white and my phone case is from Case of identity on Etsy. First of all, a big shout of to them. Their phone cases have gorgeous patterns and they are so sturdy. I have bought a fair few of these and they just never scratch or fade. I love them!

My background on my phone is a picture of me and my friend Shan. I went to visit her in London and had a really great day. I like seeing this picture every time I use my phone because it reminds me how much fun I had that day!

Now onto the apps!
 1. Instagram (@jesstastics)
Instagram is in my top 2 favourite apps. You could ask anyone of my friends and they will tell you how much I love taking photo's. I love sharing them on here and having a large selection of filters to make the photo's look even nicer. If you look at my Instagram expect to see lots of baking photo's though!
2. My fitness pal
This app is really handy to keep track of all your calories and what food you are eating throughout the day. When I use this app I am more conscious of what I eat which is a really good thing. I must admit this gets more use in summer but I do love using it!
3. The Simpsons tapped out
My all time favourite game. Basically Homer causes a nuclear explosion in Springfield and you have to rebuild Springfield. You save money to buy houses and get characters. You complete tasks throughout and they often have themes. The one pictured above was the superheroes theme! I am on the maximum level of this...this is how addicted I am.
4. Countdown app
This app is great for if you have something exciting coming up. I have it counting down for when I start TeachFirst! You can input the name of the event, dates, times etc. I prefer this app over others I have tried because it doesn't constantly give you notifications. You can just check into it when you want!
5. Pic stitch
Pic stitch is the app I use for collages. You can get a free version of this on the appstore but I paid for the upgrade because I love it so much. It has a variety of shapes and sizes and it is really easy to use. You have the option to share it anywhere you want too directly from the app which makes it easier!
6. Flipagram
I am a very sentimental person and I love to make montages. Flipagram is where you add in whatever photo's you want and add music and text to it. You can share these on Facebook and Instagram so your friends and family can remember the memories too!
7. ZigZag
This game featured in my March favourites. It basically involves you clicking the screen it change the direction of a ball to make it through a maze. It gets quicker the further you get. This game is addictive!
8. TuneIn radio
This app allows you to sync all of your favourite radio stations into one place. You click on the app and select which one you want and it will play a live feed of the station! This is great to get ready to in the morning or to listen to on a walk.

9. Pinterest (@jesstastics)
A blogger's best friend. Another platform to share photo's and to get some great ideas! I use this mainly for beauty inspiration and to get some amazing baking recipes.
10. Google maps
A random one but I couldn't live without this! I love having it there as a security blanket. It is great for if my Satnav stops working or if I am in London and need to use the walking maps. Everyone should have this!
11. Nando's app
I love Nando's and Nando's loves me. That's all there is to say.
12. Timehop
I love looking back at what I was doing years ago and this app makes it ten times easier. It lets you sync up with twitter and facebook and it will let you know what you were doing up to 5 years a go. Some are cringey but they are even more funny!
13. YouTube
I have been watching YouTube for a good few years now and I love it. I am a big fan of daily vlogs and I like to catch up on them using my YouTube app before I go to sleep!
14. YOU by Jamie Oliver
This is a great app created by Jamie Oliver that asks you to take a photo every day based on a theme. The idea is to push your limits with food, exercise and scenery and for you to appreciate everything you do. I love the message of this app!
15. Snapchat (@jesstastics)
I don't normally use snapchat myself but I love watching people's stories. It gives you a little snippet into their life and it makes me feel closer to them!
16. Bloglovin (@jesstastics)
I love to use bloglovin to catch up on blogs and to see which if my posts have gone down well through the use of the 'love' button. I love the new look for bloglovin too. Super chic and stylish!

Finally, my favourite app...
Twitter!! (@jesstasticsblog)
I use this app pretty much all day every day. I  use it for blogging, my personal life, to share photo's and thoughts and the people on there are lovely. This is definitely my favourite app!

What's on your phone?

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