Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ultimate bloggers

Hello my lovelies!

The reason I started blogging is twofold. Firstly because I was super bored around Christmas and fancied a challenge. Secondly because some blogs inspired me to write about how I feel and what I like. Since then I have found some blogs that I absolutely adore. I have compiled a list of my personal 'go to' blogs because I want them to know how amazing and inspirational they are!

Megan's blog is the first blog that actually inspired me to start Jesstastics. Everything she writes is so inspiring and I love the mental attitude that she has. She has gone through some tough times but she has come out fighting. She is a fiery red head with a beautiful personality and she always has the time to chat to fellow bloggers. I am so happy her blog is so successful!

Kirstie's blog was the other blog that got me into blogging. I really enjoyed reading her beauty posts because she always puts so much passion into what she is writing about. I always admired her photography too. So pretty and very in keeping with her personal style. She is obsessed with Disney and I adored her Disney style posts. She has never changed who she is and she is such a wonderful person.

Claire's blog is probably the most inspirational out of the bunch. She has such a talent for writing, I always get absorbed by every word she writes. She is so articulate with her thoughts and she always writes such relatable and heart warming posts. She is also one of THE nicest bloggers I have ever spoken to. She always goes out of her way to brighten someone's day and she is there for you if you need her! A truly gorgeous woman, inside and out.

Fancy a laugh? Come to this girl! Her general attitude to life is so fresh and free. She has great wit and never fails to make me laugh, even if it is unintentional. Rhianna always adds little anecdotes into her blog posts which I love. I feel like I have gotten to know her each time she writes a new post, even if it is a beauty one! Rhianna always seems so positive and she is a breath of fresh air to have on the blogosphere.

Daisy can be opinionated but that is what I love about her. She will always tell the truth and she will never change who she is. You can always rely on her blog for an honest account or a review that actually tells it how it is. Daisy is probably my most talked to blogger friend and I feel like I could go to her if I needed anything, even though we have never met. I feel like I have made a good friend in Daisy and it is a bonus that I love her content too!

Jessie is my lovely girly girl blogger and she is just the sweetest person ever. She has recently gone on a health kick and she is being such an inspiration. Her positive attitude and sunny view on life will brighten anyone up and give them faith in themselves. Jessie is appreciative of everything her blog has gifted her and she always makes time to let people know that. She is a bundle of joy and her blog is amazing!

Olivia's blog is my most recent find. In fact I found her blog because she was so sweet and tweeted me saying how much she loved mine. Never before have I met a person that is so selfless and loving. She will go out of her way to tell you how good your blog is, to tell you to have a nice day, to cheer you up. She is an absolute angel with a heart of gold  and she makes everything in the world seem better. Her blog is very honest and it has spoken about mental health along with some other harrowing topics but she always brings out the positives in them which is what I love about her!

Who are your ultimate bloggers? Let me know in the comments so I can have a look too!

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