Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday Summary #38

Hello my lovelies!

Happy Easter Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful day whether it be going to church with your family, going out for a meal or just stuffing your face with chocolate! That is one thing I have been doing this week because Lent ended on Thursday 2nd April this year. I went without chocolate for 46 days so it is safe to say I treated myself on Friday! This week also marked the start of April. I love this month weather wise which is sad because I am stuck inside revising all day! As a bit of down time after revision I have been colouring in with a book called Secret Garden (post about this coming soon). This week I have also been playing the Easter bunny and dropping off little chick cupcakes to my cousins - they were a resounding success! This week I also paired up with Baker Days to WIN one of you lucky readers a free letterbox cake! If you want to find out more and enter then check out this post: letterbox cake and giveaway! I hope you all have a great week :)

Letterbox cake and competition with Baker Days, colouring in with Secret Garden, made jammy dodgers, my Aunties bought me a recipe book and a cook book which I love, Lent finished and I could eat chocolate again, April started, I baked Easter cupcakes, and my cousins loved them!

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