Monday, 27 April 2015

Motivational Monday #34 - fail to prepare

Hello my lovelies!

This quote is something that I have always lived by and consider to be my motto for life. It is more apt now because of exam season and this pushes me through. I know exams can seem like a lot and they drag out for ages but sometimes you need to get perspective. It is 2 months or so out of your entire life. That's nothing. By making the decision to not prepare for such a small amount of time, you could be affecting your future plans. We are really lucky to have education in this country. So many children crave education but they cannot afford it or it is not accessible to them. I know it seems silly but I try to make the most of my own education on behalf of all those people too. So when I get stressed out about exams, I think of this quote...'By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail'. Good luck with all of your exams and remember, it is only a very small portion of your life you have to concentrate for!

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