Monday, 20 April 2015

Motivational Monday #33 - have courage and be kind

Hello my lovelies!

Often in life we are swept along with the tide and we don't take a minute to appreciate the easier things in life. When I went to see Cinderella in the cinema the main quote of the film was to 'have courage and be kind'. Such a simple sentiment but with a powerful message. Kindness and courage cost us nothing, but they can benefit so many people in completely different ways. Your kind words could make someone's day, give them the courage to take a leap of faith. Your kind words to yourself could help to love yourself more, your courage could give you the opportunity of a life time. So this week it would be great if you could take Cinderella's advice to have courage and be kind, not only for yourself but for other people too. Have a great week :)

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