Monday, 6 April 2015

Motivational Monday #31 - don't let the world define you

Hello my lovelies!

Some of the most inspirational people in the world are inspirational because they dared to be different. They didn't listen to how the world wanted to define them. They fought out for what they wanted and they were being the person that they wanted to be. Many people will look up to them but they will be too scared to take the jump. To get rid of the world's stupid ideals and to actually follow their dreams. My thoughts...just do it. Realistically what can the world do if you start being who you really are? Nothing. My point exactly. Life is too short to be hiding how we feel, not doing the things we truly want to do. Live your life, follow your dreams and live the adventure. Be who YOU are not who the world wants you to be. Have a great week :)

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