Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday's weekly blogger #29

Hello my lovelies!

This weeks blogger has a bit of everything going on. Aren't they the best blogs? Laura talks about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and even includes some baking (yay!) I hope you all enjoy her blog :)

1) What’s your blog name and URL?

My blog is called A Life With Frills (

2) How did you come up with your blog name? 


It actually came to me quite quickly, as I wanted my blog to be about my life having extra luxury/prettiness to it i.e. 'frills'. I then checked no-one else had thought of it first, and luckily they hadn't!

3) What is your blog about? 
It's a fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle blog. Basically, a diary of a stylish life. It covers the likes of beauty reviews, fashion reviews and trends, baking, pretty homeware and stationery, and coverage of events I attend.

4) What inspired you to start blogging? 
I was a journalist first, and had started an online digital fashion, beauty and travel magazine, Twinkle Style & Travel (this has since re-branded to Stylecation). I wanted to start a blog as well so that I could write more personally and on my own terms; however, it quickly became a job too.
5) Who is your favourite blogger to read?

I love lots of different blogs for lots of different reasons e.g. for beauty, I like Miss Makeup Magpie and Makeup Savvy. For fashion, I like Fashion Foie Gras, Leather and Leops and Coco's Tea Party; and I get lots of pretty lifestyle tips from A Beautiful Mess.

6) What is your favourite post you have written on your blog?

The posts I like the best are where I am extra proud of the photography and the photo setup. Recently I wrote a post on an at-home romantic picnic idea, which I particularly loved:

7) What is your favourite thing about blogging?

All the unique experiences and friends it has brought me. I've been to some amazing places and made some great friends because of it. It's a community too; which I love.

8) Please leave any other social network links


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