Thursday, 26 March 2015

Top 5 Rimmel London lipsticks

Hello my lovelies!

Rimmel is my favourite highstreet brand. They do pretty much everything you could wish for and the quality is always great. I am a big lover of lipsticks and this is one of my favourite items from Rimmel's collection. I was having a look through my lipstick collection the other day and picked out my top 5 Rimmel lipsticks to share with you guys. Many of these have been repeat buys (especially 107!)

Left to right: 31, 166 (temptation), 086 (sugar plum), 107, 058 (drop of sherry)

31 - this is a beautiful deep pink colour, verging towards the red side, and it has a sheen finish. This is perfect in Spring time because it gives that extra pop of colour without being too overpowering. This lipstick also smells like sweets which makes the experience even more fun!

166 (temptation) - this is a deep shade of red with a sheen finish. I leave this one for nights out because it is quite a bold look. This lasts for ages though and the shade goes with pretty much anything!

086 (sugar plum) - this shade is unusual for me. It is a lighter purple colour with a sheen finish. I liked this because it is an unusual colour and one I would not normally wear. This has been great for Spring because it adds something without being dark like winter shades.

107 - this is my favourite lipstick ever. It is a deep wine/berry red and it has a matte finish. I know this is more of a winter colour but I wear it all year round anyway! This is my go to red lipstick and I love everything about it.

058 (a drop of sherry) - this is another pink shade which is darker than 31. I would wear this in an evening if I didn't want to wear a red shade. This is a gorgeous colour and I think it would suit most people! 

What are your top 5 Rimmel lispticks?

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