Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Summary #36

Hello my lovelies!

Last week brought us St.Patrick's Day and Mother's Day which added some fun to the week. Also I went out twice in 2 weeks which is very unlike me! My favourite part of the week though was meeting up with Maddy, a girl that is also on the TeachFirst scheme. We have met up once before with a group and we got on so well that we met up again! It is nice that I know someone quite well already so it will be less daunting on the day. We are even going to travel in together when we start our training! Of course, I baked last week too. I made a banana bread for my Mum because she asked for one for Mother's Day and I made cheese scones...kind of. I didn't read the recipe properly and rolled it out really thin instead of leaving it at 2cm so me and my Dad have been calling the cheesy biscuits instead haha! On Friday I also did something super exciting. I booked my graduation tickets! That makes it seem SO real. I am so excited for that day, it will be a great celebration. I hope you all had  great week too :)

Night out with Tommy, banana bread for Mum, night out for my friend's birthday, meal out for Mother's Day, night out with Andrew, meal out with Maddy, messing around with St.Patrick's Day snapchat features, muffin from the market, cheesy scones/biscuits, old picture of Mum and I for Mother's Day, more daffodils, booked my graduation tickets, fire alarm selfie at the SU!

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