Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Summary #34

Hello my lovelies!

This week's post consists of a lot of food so don't look if you are hungry! Last week my parents got back from holiday so it was nice to have them back again and to have some company. I did make the most of the free kitchen while they were gone though and I baked four times (pavlova, shortbread, banana bread and raspberry cream cupcakes). It was my friends 22nd birthday last week so I went round her house for drinks and cake and we ended up doing yoga and dancing to really cheesy songs! I also went out with my best friend Tommy this week. We hadn't seen each other properly in ages so we went out for lunch. I also bought another textbook ready for when I start TeachFirst. Less than 4 months to go now!

Silly yoga with my friends, meal out with Tommy, pavlova, my Auntie bought me an afternoon tea recipe book, shortbread, the dinner for kings and queens, apparently this book will show me how to become a great English teacher!

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