Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St.Patrick's Day cupcakes!

Hello my lovelies!

Happy St.Patrick's Day to you all! I made these cupcakes for my Nan because she is Irish and she also got married on St.Patrick's Day. These were super easy to make and I think that the rice decorations I bought made them look really good. Gives you a chance to use green all you like too!

 Cake ingredients
110g self-raising flour
110g caster sugar
110g butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs
Buttercream icing ingredients
140g butter
280g icing sugar
2 tbsp milk
Green gel food colouring

Pre-heat oven to gas mark 5
 Step 1: Cream together the butter and the sugar from the cake ingredients
Step 2: Mix in all of the other cake ingredients to make your batter
Step 3: Get a cupcake tray and fill it with 12 cupcake cases. Spoon in your batter and put into bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Once done leave on a wire rack to cool
Step 4: To make the icing beat the butter until it is soft
Step 5: Add half of the icing sugar into the butter and mix
Step 6: Add the milk and the rest of the icing sugar and mix it until it is well combined
Step 7: Add in the food colouring. The amount of this will depend on how green you want the icing. Mix in a little bit at a time and build up the colour
Step 7: Put the buttercream into a piping bag fitted with a large star nozzle
Step 8: Pipe the cupcakes and the finish them with your Irish themed decorations!

 I hope you all have a great St.Patrick's Day!

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