Monday, 9 March 2015

Motivational Monday #27 - international women's day

Hello my lovelies!

As most of you will know, yesterday was international women's day. It was so lovely to see my timeline filled with women supporting other women and celebrating our achievements. Making men and women equal has come a long way but we are still not there. The pay gap is still very much real and feminism is still a big topic. Yesterday showed how many challenges women have faced and how many fights we have fought. We must keep doing this so one day a generation will be brought up in a society where men and women are equal and where there are no glass ceilings to shatter. We need to teach all of the young girls to follow whatever dream they desire and that no dream is out of their reach. They can do any male dominated jobs that they desire. The key is to work hard and pursue your passion. Don't give up because of your gender! I hope you all had a great international women's day and this gender inequality continues to become smaller.

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