Saturday, 28 March 2015

March favourites!

Hello my lovelies!

I have really enjoyed March but it has marked a lot of 'lasts' for me. It was my last ever lecture, last ever piece of coursework, last term at uni. Mainly all to do with uni but they were a big deal to me! I have really enjoyed the weather and the flowers this month though. We have had daffodils in our house pretty much every week of March. So that's been a staple! My favourites this month are very random but I have been loving them so I thought I would put them all in there!

First up are these Alice in Wonderland white rabbit earrings. I love Alice in Wonderland and I have had these for a while but I have only just started wearing them. They add a bit of fun to every outfit and they make me smile!

I have been loving Barry M's gelly nail polish in the colour Sugar Apple. It is a beautiful mint green colour with the traditional gelly finish. This is perfect for the pastel trend in Spring and I have definitely been following that with my nails!

Probably the most random favourite I have ever had but it is a large open star piping nozzle. As you will know I am a massive lover of baking. This nozzle has made my icing look amazing and it gives it that extra touch. I have been so excited using this so it had to be in my favourites!

Another random one is this Cath Kidston sticky note book. I have been using this to mark text book pages or to mark recipes I want to try out. I love CK anyway so these notes make the pages look extra pretty and they make work less dull too!

My favourite lipstick this month has been Rimmel's Kate Moss 31 shade. It is a deep pink with a sheen to it and it smells like sweets. I want to eat my lips every time I use it! This has gone with many of my outfits in Spring so that's why I have been loving it.

I have become obsessed with a game called ZigZag this month after a friend showed it to me. Basically you have to tap on the screen to change the direction of the ball and you have to get through a maze like course. My highest score is 220 which I am proud of! *Warning: do not blame me for procrastination if you download this game!*

Favourite programme: I have been loving a programme called Back in time for dinner. A family have agreed to spend a week in each era starting from the 1950's up until present day. Their house is changed in each era to reflect the things they would have had. It is so interesting to see how kitchens have changed and how gender roles have changed too! It is on BBC2 on Tuesday's at 9pm for anyone that wants to watch.

Favourite song: My favourite song this month has been Everything is Changing by Sigma and Paloma Faith. Like I said this has been a month of lasts and things are changing for me. This song just kind of summarised how I feel so I have been enjoying it this month!

What have been your favourites in March?

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