Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday's weekly blogger #27

Hello my lovelies!

This week I have a different type of blogger for you, a diary blogger. Lizzie writes down her daily events on her blog as an open diary kind of thing. I love being nosy so I think this is a great idea! Give her blog a look and leave her a nice comment if you enjoy her posts :)

1) What’s your blog name and URL?

My blog name is "Lizzie Dripping" found at

2) How did you come up with your blog name? 

My blog was originally called "Lizzie Daily's Blog" but as I began to do more lifestyle posts and reviews, I realised that I wanted more of an all encompassing name that showed my blog as more than a diary. "Lizzie Dripping" was a TV show from the 1970s (that was something to do with a witch) but it has always been the nickname that a family friend called me and I loved that it was still fairly similar to my old blog name. 

3) What is your blog about? 

My blog is about my life. I try to do a post every day which summarises what I've been doing, a few product reviews and where possible, a few pictures. My blog is pretty much an online diary.

4) What inspired you to start blogging? 

In June 2014, I was coming up to the end of my first year teaching and I was finding the end of the year quite hard. I wanted to record what was going on in both my professional and personal life as it was a hard time and I wanted a distraction. I'd tried to keep blogs before but I hadn't found much success but blogging about my life didn't seem like too much work.

5) Who is your favourite blogger to read?

I love Corinne's Blog at Skinned Car Tree "" and Jordan's blog at Hello Miss Jordan "". Both of them have a great mix of lifestyle, beauty and advice posts and their style is so conversational and chatty that I don't feel like I'm reading an "official review" - it just feels like two friends talking.

6) What is your favourite post you have written on your blog?

My favourite post is probably my New Year's Resolutions post as I feel like I got to share quite a lot about my goals and aims both for the blog and for other areas of my life. My favourite "normal", diary-entry style post was from back in October 2014 where me and my boyfriend, Alan, went on a very wet but a very beautiful walk. Links to both are below:
7) What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is the fact that I have an online way of recording all my memories, that I get to share my successes and ask for advice on my failures and that I am now part of such a fantastic and supportive community of bloggers.

8) Please leave any other social network links

Twitter: @lizziercole91
Instagram: elizabethrcole

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