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The 90's tag!

Hello my lovelies!

The other day I re-watched Zoe and Tanya's 90's tag YouTube video and I wondered if anyone had written a blog version of it. It turns out that a few people had so I decided to participate too! I was born in '93 which technically does make me a 90's child. I absolutely LOVED my child hood and how fun and easy everything was back then, so this will be a great bit of nostalgia for me and hopefully a lot of you readers too. So let's begin!

1. Favourite Disney movie.
My favourite Disney movie was the Little Mermaid by far. I loved the idea of living under water and singing with fish and crabs. I really liked that Ariel wasn't a 'traditional' princess and she rocked the bright red hair too!

 2. Favourite music artist.
I was a massive S Club 7 fan. Their album was the first CD I ever purchased and I used to have their posters all over my walls. I remember myself and my sister used to make up dance routines in the living room for hours on end. Ah good times!

3. Favourite nickelodeon jr. show
I didn't have Nickelodeon junior, I had CITV instead. My favourite show was probably The Queens Nose. I still wish that the coin was real now - imagine how cool that would be! I used to be so eager to get home from school just to watch this show. Bernard's watch was a close second too, that ca count as one right because they have the same concept?!

4. Favourite candy.
I loved the white chocolate mice that you could get from sweet shops. They are so sickly sweet but I still love them now! They are hard to come by now though so I definitely grab them whenever I see them.

5. Favourite game (board game, school  game)
My sister and I used to love playing Mouse trap. It took a while to set up and was a pretty quick game but we really enjoyed getting everything set up and going through the course!

6. Favourite McDonald's toy.
The only ones I can remember is when they did the small beanie baby toys. I didn't get McDonalds that often and I was never really into the toys though. They were still pretty cute though!

7. Favourite book.
I was obsessed with Roald Dahl books, BFG was my favourite! I also loved Stig of the Dump. They just really captured my imagination and I got sucked into the stories.

8. Favourite clothing store.
I used to go to Tammy a lot and New Look too. Tammy was were all the cool girls went though!

9. What would you watch when you got home from school?
Arthur, Rugrats, Sabrina the teenage witch, Lizzie McGuire, Come outside, Mona the vampire - ahh so many good programmes!

10. Favorite tv show.
At this time it would probably have been Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It was the first proper show that I got into and really got emotionally attached to the storylines. Also EastEnders, but that is just a lifetime favourite!

11. Favourite toys.
I used to love the Bratz dolls, my sister and I had different ones and used to play with them together. Also Polly pockets were really cool too! I liked that you could buy so many accessories for them.

12. Weirdest fashion trend.
It would probably be those neon coloured hair extensions that you clipped into your hair. Does anyone remember those?! They were horrendous but everyone loved them at the time!

13. 'Nsync or Backstreet Boys.
I wasn't a massive fan of either but I would say I listened to Backstreet boys more out of the two!

14. Favourite collectible
I never really collected anything but I did enjoy Top Trumps. They were great fun in the playground! Sometimes we would swap between packs so I guess you could call that collecting?

15. Favourite beanie baby.
I don't remember their names but I had a green one with like snakeskin shiny hexagons all over it. It reminded me of a mermaid and I loved that one!

16. How many Tamagotchis did you go through?
I only ever had one but I was super careful with it, I didn't want it to die! I think mine was a red one and I used to think the characters were so cute. This makes me want to go and buy one now...must resist temptation!

17. Favourite game system and game.
I was obsessed with Crash Bandicoot on Playstation 1. That game was SO much fun! I loved the thrill of getting chased by characters or boulders and having to get through all of the levels. That provided hours of entertainment!

This has been great for nostalgia! I tag anyone else that wants to complete this tag. Leave me a link below if you do it because I would love to read your answers and reminisce about them too :)

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