Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Summary #32

Hello  my lovelies!

This week was reading week for me at uni. It consisted of a lot of catching up, writing of coursework and project drafts but I did have some great days out too! This week I went to London twice. The first time was for a day out with my friend Shan. We ate food at The Breakfast Club and then went shopping in Westfields. It was a great day! Then on the Saturday I traveled in again to meet some Teach First girls that will be teaching in the same area as me. They were all so lovely and I had a wonderful day. They all love cake as much as I do so it was a winner of a day! I also went to go and see 50 shades of grey this week with my friends, I actually really enjoyed the story line and would go and see the next two! I also gave up chocolate this week because Lent has started. If anyone has any good baking recipes that do not include chocolate then please send them my way!

Bought some heels for summer ball because I fell in love with them, day trip to London with Shan, baked some dark chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, met up with the beautiful and lovely Teach First girls, ate food at The Breakfast Club (yum!), had some cuddles with my cats, went to see 5 shades of grey!

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