Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Summary #31

Hello my lovelies!

I had a really lovely week this week. I saw my friends and had a night out with them, first time in 2 months (technically this year too). It was two of my closest friends birthday this week too so I went out for a meal with them and I baked them a Victoria sponge cake too! I drove to see my Auntie and cousins and my Auntie made a homemade afternoon tea which was lovely. One of my little cousins has started crawling at 6 months too, how crazy is that! This week was super busy but I am glad I got to see so many people. It makes a nice change from being at university or in my room 24/7!

Went to the SU with my friends, posed for a group selfie, made some Terry's chocolate orange cookies, made a Victoria sponge cake for my friends birthdays, received some free chocolate from my uni because student union elections are starting, had afternoon tea with my lovely family, went out to Prezzo for my friends birthdays, spent the afternoon with Shan relaxing!

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