Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sherlock Holmes Bear!

Hello my lovelies!

As you will all know by now after numerous posts, I love Sherlock Holmes. I love everything about it...the books, the TV series, the films. You can't beat a good mystery programme. So when the lovely people at The Great British Teddy Bear Company* asked if they could send me a Sherlock Holmes bear I jumped at the chance! I had a mooch on over to their website and I fell in love with its cute little face. This company does everything British and it is the perfect gift for anyone that is proud of their country. They do armed forces bears, police bears, historical bears, graduate bears, commemorative bears and one of my favourites the royal teddy bears!

The attention to detail in the bears is amazing and it is one of the things that makes the bear higher end. My Sherlock bear had a pipe and a magnifying glass with it which completed the look. The buttons on his jacket were also in working order which makes it look so authentic. It also comes with a lovely bag with all the different types of bears on it. I am happy about this because it means I can keep it safe and in its original condition. I can see this being something I will pass down to my kids when I have them! These bears are made by a family run business and they are even sold in Hamley's which just tells you how good the quality is!

If you like the look of these cute little buddies then you can buy a bear over at let me know which bear is your favourite too!

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