Monday, 23 February 2015

Motivational Monday #25 - the world is a book

Hello my lovelies!

The world is such a big place and a lot of us only see the place that we have grown up. I am happy that traveling has become a big deal now because it is such a great opportunity to surround ourselves with new cultures and natural beauties. While I understand that money plays a large factor in traveling, I honestly think everyone should try it at some point. When I say 'traveling' I do not necessarily mean for a long period of time. Visiting somewhere new on holiday is traveling, experiencing something new in a new culture. If we do not travel and see the magnificent planet that we live on then we really are only reading one page of a massive book. I am lucky to have been to some amazing places on holiday, but I still have a long list. I plan to do some inter railing next summer and see more of this world. Are any of you going traveling or going on holiday? I would love to know where you are going in the comments! Also leave a list of the places you have traveled to. I want to find out some new places to add to my destination list!

Places I have visited:
- Croatia
- Malta
- Spain
- Kefalonia
- Lapland
- Florida
- Amsterdam
- Prague
- Paris
- Rome
- Scotland

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