Thursday, 12 February 2015

Let's get personal...

Hello my lovelies!

Do you ever hear a song that brings so much emotion that you think about every word? It 'hits you in the feels' as the youngsters would say? I had this experience in the car the other day when I heard the song Old Faces by Laura Doggett. The tune was really sweet and when she started singing the words really captivated me. It brought out a lot of emotion around secondary school...I am going to get quite personal now. I would never say I was bullied at school, but my life was definitely not easy there.

The song starts with the words 'how does it feel when there's light shining on your every intention.
‘Cause people laugh at you for trying to change the world'. I would definitely say I was ambitious at school. I wanted to do well, I really cared about my studies and every piece of work that I did. Obviously when you are in secondary school that isn't 'cool'. You should only focus on being popular and wearing the trendy clothes, not how well you do in school. Because of this I was called teachers pet a lot, referred to as a brown noser. I always refer to myself as an old soul because I much prefer speaking to older people and sometimes I feel lost in this generation. I like to have intellectual conversations about subjects other than boys and hair. To be honest the name calling did not bother me most days, I won't lie though on some occasions it could upset me but I am quite strong so I just brushed it off. 

The song continues saying 'I want more than just your teenage thrills and brainless sex' and I relate to this line so much. I was all up for having fun and having a laugh but I was never that into drinking and putting thrills before the things I deemed important. The song then says that ' I'm tired of them looking down' and that pretty much summarises the whole experience of secondary school for me. My peers always were looking down their noses at me. Instead of celebrating the fact that I wanted to do well, that I had ambitions, that I wanted to do something with my life - they looked down on me. Don't get me wrong, I did have some close friends at school but I just don't understand why you would be looked down on for aspirations.

Luckily when I got to university this whole thought process was flipped and I finally was celebrated for having goals and ambitions...but the best thing was that I was surrounded by people that also had these goals. They made me realise that it isn't stupid to want to change the world, even if it means that I just effect one person. The song finishes with the lines 'I'm just trying to find a way to block them out. ‘Cause I'm tired of them looking down' and I am happy to say that university and being surrounded by positive, inspiring people has meant that I have found a way to block them out. 

I guess I just wanted to share these feelings that this song provoked and I wanted to see if anyone else feels the same way about secondary school. Please let me know your experiences :)

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