Thursday, 5 February 2015

January favourites!

Hello my lovelies!

We have made it through the most depressing month of the year, all give yourself a pat on the back. While January is known for the lack of money, lack of sunshine and lack of will power, it is known for the chance to use all your Christmas goodies! This months favourites were so easy to choose, easier than any other month. I would 100% recommend all of these, let me know if you use them too!

Statement necklace from Primark - throughout January I have been wearing quite a few plain dresses and jazzing them up with this necklace. It sits really nicely and I like that there is not too much bling on it, that's where Primark usually goes wrong! This necklace has got me in the mood for the spring and has added an extra bit of glamour to my wardrobe. I think this only cost £5 too, what a bargain!

Options hot chocolate sachets - my Mum bought be a whole range of these option sachets and I have been loving them. Salted caramel is by far my favourite and they make a nice change. I don't drink tea or coffee, hot chocolate is the only hot drink that I like. I usually just have galaxy so these flavours have added a bit more fun to my drinks!

Makeup revolution highlighter - this highlighter is so beautiful. It is a pink based one that looks so pearly on the skin. I have adored wearing this for both day and night and it adds a nice sparkle to my cheeks. I like that it is pink undertoned too because it shows up more on my pale skin!

 Topshop lip bullet - my friend Shan bought this for me for my birthday in December and I adore it. It is a deep purple shade and it is matte. Can I just say how long this lasts, I actually can't believe it. I work in catering and I had this on for my whole 9 hour shift and it did not move at all, even after eating and drinking! This lip bullet is in the shade Get me Bodied and it is beautiful. This is the first piece of Topshop makeup I own so I will definitely be checking out more from their range!

Flamingo Candle - my sister bought this for me for Christmas and it is by far my favourite candle. It smells of pink lemonade and I just can't get enough of the scent! I love that it comes with a lid too because this means the scent isn't being wasted when I am not using it.These burn really well and I love the packaging too.

What have you been loving in January?

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