Saturday, 7 February 2015

Baking haul!

Hello my lovelies!

As you will be aware by now, I have found a new passion in baking. I am by no means the best baker but it makes me happy and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I went shopping to a shop called Dunelm with my Mum recently and they had the best baking section. I wanted to buy everything so the fact I came out with so little made me and my bank balance happy. Hopefully these will make baking that little bit easier and more decorative which is always good in my books!

 The first thing I bought was actually from a different place called Studio 24. This is a stand alone mixer by EGL. This is basically a cheap alternative to the Kitchenaid. This has satisfied my craving until I have a full time job and can afford one! This has 5 settings, comes with the bowl and has a lock section to make sure the bowl is securely in place. This is great for mixing things such as icing sugar because it eliminates the mess and keeps most of it in the bowl!

 These were my favourite things from the haul and these are silicone cupcake teacups. These can be used to directly put your filling in or they do fit a cupcake case once they have been baked. These just add that extra bit of decoration to the cupcakes and they would be great for if we had guests over! Also for a pack of 4 with the coasters they were like £3, bargain!

 The next thing I bought was a pack of 2 cupcake boxes. I love the pattern on these and thought they would be cute to transport the cupcakes in if I was giving them to any family members. This will also save them getting squished on the journey to and from the location. The pattern reminded me of Cath Kidston too!

This is my most practical purchase and it is an air tight cake container. I have used this throughout the week and it has kept my cakes fresh for so much longer. I loved the bright red too because it stands out nicely on our worktops. Basically the lid just clicks into so grooves once you have put the cakes in and this shuts out the air and prevents any icing or cakes from getting hard!

I love all of these purchases and I am super happy with them. I know this isn't my usual kind of haul but I am trying to avoid buying any more clothes at the moment (I just don't need them) so these are the kind of items I am buying instead!

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