Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Summary #26

Hello my lovelies!

I seem to have a lot of photo's for a pretty uneventful week. I have been trying to get work done for my 3rd year project this week but it has been padded out with some fun things too. Highlight of the week was going to see Into the Woods with my friend Tommy. I love a good musical and this is all about the Disney stories too. I loved it!

Also, I HIT 1000 FOLLOWERS THIS WEEK! I can't thank you all enough. This has made me so happy and appreciative of every single one of you. I can't even imagine 1000 people let alone think that they all follow my little corner of the internet. I hope you have all had a good week too :)

Baked chocolate cupcakes, hit 1000 followers!, read loads of papers for my project and took notes, had a chilled evening with popcorn and milk (such a cool kid), got back on the healthy smoothies for breakfast, went out for lunch with my Nan and sister, had another chilled evening with an exfoliating face mask, had cuddles with my Nan's cat and went to the cinema with Tommy to see Into the Woods!

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