Thursday, 22 January 2015

NTA's 2015 - Best Dressed and Best Moments

Hello my lovelies!

As a massive TVaholic the National Television Awards are one of my favourite events of the calendar. I don't actually realise how many shows I watch until I see them all in one show! I was pretty much live tweeting the event and I was absolutely hooked into the show this year. There were some stand out moments for me personally.

The first stand out moment was David Tennant receiving the special recognition award for all of his TV work recently. His reaction was priceless. He truly looked shocked and overwhelmed which just goes to show how much of a genuine guy he is. Watching the clips of his career showed how amazing his journey has been and still continues to be and it is so lovely to watch him develop. He got a bit chocked up when he thanked his Dad at the end that featured in his career clips, this was really touching!

The second stand out moment was when EastEnders won best serial drama. I was super happy that they won because this is the only soap I watch but that isn't why it stood out. Adam Woodyatt thanked Coronation Street in their acceptance speech and said that they would not be where they are now if it wasn't for them. They accepted the award on behalf of the late Anne Kirkbride who passed away on Monday. This speech was really moving and touching and it made me so proud of EastEnders. It showed that there was no rivalry, just love and support.

 Corrie gave EastEnders a stading ovation after their speech

The last stand out moment was for pure comedic reasons. David Walliams won best TV judge but was not there to accept it so they got Simon Cowell to do it for him. Obviously Simon Cowell lost in this category so his acceptance speech on behalf of David was comedy gold. The thing is you can tell Simon is a little bit pissed off even though he tries to cover it up with jokes!

Since this is quite a prestigious award ceremony now there were some amazing outfits. The ladies looked gorgeous in their gowns and the men looked handsome in their suits. Here are my top 5 personal favourites from the NTA's in 2015.

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