Thursday, 29 January 2015

Film review: The Imitation Game

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 Like I said last week, there are SO many amazing films out in the cinema at the moment and The Imitation Game is no exception. I really enjoy films that are based around someone's life because they often hit home a lot more and they are more relatable. This film is based around the life of Alan Turing. This man broke the German Enigma machine in World War 2 so we could understand the correspondence from Germany and know the location of the planned attacks. This piece of information helped us to win World War 2, so this shows just how influential this man was.

The cast stars Benedict Cumberbatch playing the main role of Alan Turing and Kiera Knightley playing his right hand woman and partner. These two are my favourite actors and they were an absolute dream to see together. They are both superb actors and you could see that being a part of this film really meant a lot to them. Benedict had a tough role to play because Alan Turing was known for being a bit of an outcast with little social skills, a bit like Sherlock I suppose. He played it really well and I cannot imagine anyone else as Turing!

 The film had highs and lows and I really followed the emotions with them all. I felt sorry for Turing when his whole team hated him for working on his Enigma breaking machine. I felt sorry for him when the machine was nearly broken. I was happy when the whole team got on board and made friends with him. I was ecstatic when they worked out the code to break the enigma and I was heart broken by the ending.

The ending was the part that hit home the most. *spoilers* After the amazing feat that Turing accomplished, breaking the unbreakable, he was ostracized for being homosexual. He was given the choice of 2 years in prison or to take estrogen tablets to try and sort out his 'imbalance'. Only recently did the Queen 'pardon' him for this act, effectively removing it from his record. However that really frustrates me because he should not be pardoned he should be celebrated and deemed as a hero. Without him our history could be a whole lot different and yet he has not received the praise that he deserved.

Have you seen The Imitation Game? What were your views?

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