Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wednesday's weekly blogger #18

Hello my lovelies!

Today we have a blogger that writes about of everything, so she should tickle everyone's fancy! This is also our first festive blogger so we have some additional questions at the bottom too - yay!

1) What’s your blog name and URL?   

Hello! I'm Hattie and my blog is called Hattie Hards. My URL is

2) How did you come up with your blog name? 

First I was It's Hattie but then I realised the URL looked rather awkward. So after that I experimented with a few other names that I felt were too cringe worthy, but I decided to just use my own name. I'd rather just use my own name than something I'm not completely happy with!

3) What is your blog about?

I do a lot of lifestyle posts and reviews on my blog. I talk about music, films and style, I don't really fit into one category of blogging because I like to dabble in a bit of everything! I used to have a book blog which but I really wanted to do lifestyle posts on there and it felt really restrictive putting it in a category.
4) What inspired you to start blogging?  

I was looking for a way to write more and the idea of having your own little space on the internet really appealed to me. I also used to read blogs a lot and fancied trying it out for myself.

5) Who is your favourite blogger to read?

I love Do It For The Irony (, The Lovecats Inc ( and of course Jesstastics!

6) What is your favourite post you have written on your blog?

  I'm most proud of the more serious posts I've written like the ones about Feminism, Lad Culture or Gun Control. There are some which I start writing and just can't stop, when the words just flow out. I wish I had those moments more often! I enjoy my list posts and favourites though, because they are fun to write.
7) What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love it when you publish a post and feel that sense of achievement, especially when you receive nice comments. Also the community, I never expected everyone to be so nice! 

8) Please leave any other social network links

Twitter - @hattiehards (
Bloglovin -

Because we are now in December I have added some additional festive questions too!

9) What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

The endless days that you can spend indoors, all cosy and wrapped in a thousand warm blankets. Also when my family gathers round the TV eating tubs of Quality Street.

10) What is your favourite memory from Christmas?

I've had some amazing Christmas trips to New York but it's always lovely to spend Christmas with my family doing jigsaw puzzles all day

11) What is the best Christmas present you have ever received and why?

My laptop, I use it every single day! I also made my blog with it so it's pretty special to me.

12) What are your New Year's resolutions?

Like they are every year! Drink more water, eat less sugar and stay on top of my school work but continue to build up my blog to a higher standard. 
If you want to get involved in this series then please tweet me a message (@jesstasticsblog) or leave a blog post comment with your email address and I will put you into a slot. I am accepting any genre of blog! I look forward to hearing from you :)

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