Monday, 29 December 2014

Blogmas Day 29: Roundup of the challenge

Hello my lovelies!

Taking part in Blogmas has been wonderful. It has allowed me to write posts that challenge me and to write about topics I may not have even considered. For this roundup I am going to go through my favourite post, my most challenging and my most viewed. I am then going to share with you my favourite post from the whole of Blogmas from another bloggers page!

Favourite post

 My favourite post was my melting snowman cupcakes. I love baking and this allowed me to be creative too! I loved seeing my cousins faces when I gave them their cupcakes. Making things like this really spreads the joy of Christmas and they made me happy. Look how cute their little faces are!

Most challenging

 The most challenging post for me was the Christmas DIY. I am not a very creative person when it comes to DIY so thinking of an idea really stretched me. I settled for a simple mason jar with decorative ribbon, filled with either happy moments or reasons why you love someone. This sticks to my theme of positivity that I like to spread on my blog too! This post was really well received in the end and I am happy that I chose this.

Most viewed

 My most viewed post was my Winter essentials post. This included items that I think I couldn't survive without in winter! Other bloggers seemed to love that I included Michael Buble's album and a LUSH product. This was a fun post to write too because it made me consider the items I use all the time without even thinking about it.

Top Blogmas post
 My favourite post from the whole of Blogmas was Mary Ann's yearly chatty post. She had a very tough year but the thing that stands out is her positivity. She has been stressed and overloaded with work yet she still manages to sound happy in her posts. This post shows how she appreciates the small things and the people in her life. I love honest posts because it makes me feel closer to the writer, and this post did just that. I think this post sums up Blogmas for me because it shows that we should be positive and appreciate the things that we have!

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