Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blogmas Day 28: My No7 beauty advent calendar!

Hello my lovelies!

This year I was lucky enough to get my hands on the No7 beauty advent calendar. This made the build up to Christmas so much more exciting and I loved this calendar. This cost £35 which I think is such good value for money. The sizes of the gifts are pretty much travel sized, these are massive in comparison to the sizes of other beauty advent calendar gifts. I think No7 is a very under appreciated brand, but they are such great quality which is why I have loved this set! This calendar also went up to day 25 -  a rarity in most calendars these days. So I thought I would share with you what I received in my beauty advent calendar, enjoy!

 Metallic eye pencil with smudger, 2 eyeshadow units and a black eyeliner

Eyes continued...

   Lash impact mascara, intense volume mascara, brown eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow brush

 2 lip crayons and a lip brush

Skin care
Body wash, body lotion, exfoliater and an illuminator

Creams and skincare

 Night cream, day cream, eye makeup remover, hand cream and eye serum

Duo nail polish and 3 travel sized varnishes

My favourite items from the calendar are the liquid eyeliner, the dark brown eyeshadow and the eye makeup brush. The liquid eyeliner is so precise. I have never used anything like it before. You can build it up as much as you want or have the smallest line if wanted. The dark brown eyeshadow has shimmer in it too and it has been perfect for evening looks. It adds a bit of glamour to the makeup look. Finally, the eye makeup brush is so soft and the angular tip makes it great for blending. I have been using this to add depth to my eyeshadow and I think it looks great! I will definitely be repurchasing these when these samples run out. All in all I am super happy with this calendar and all of its contents!

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