Saturday, 27 December 2014

Blogmas Day 27: What I got for Christmas!

Hello my lovelies!

As promised here is my 'what I got for Christmas' post. I was very lucky this year, I wasn't expecting much since I am now 21 and a lot of my family stop buying at that age. I am not showing off by posting this, it is a theme for blogmas and I think it would be nice to look back on! I would love to know what you all got too - so if you have done a similar post then please link it in the comments :)

Stocking presents

 Don't mind my underwear on here - we are an open community! My Mum still does a stocking for me and I love it. She always gets me super useful things in this like eye makeup remover and hairspray. This year she got me some adorable pyjamas and a cat eye mask too - how cool!

Main presents

 I loved all my gifts this year! They included body shop goodies, smellies, makeup, candles, a mug/box gift set, some quirky items, money, chocolate and my favourite presents of all baking goods! My Auntie bought me a Hummingbird bakery baking book and a set of three cake tins. I am always looking to improve my baking and this was a great present for me. I have been thoroughly spoilt but I appreciate every single item! Thank you to everyone that gave me a gift - I love you all xx

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