Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas Day 17: What I got for my birthday!

Hello my lovelies!

On the 13th it was my birthday and I turned into the big 21. I was spoiled rotten by all my family and friends and had one of the best nights of my life. I had a party with all my loved ones and it was a night to remember! I thought I would share with you all the lovely presents I was gifted. I am in no way showing off I just think they should be given the appreciation they deserve and it will be nice for me to remember what I got for my 21st!

*warning - photo heavy post*

Teaching supplies
 As you will all know I am going to be a teacher once I have graduated uni. I was given loads of notebooks, folders, organisers, my own mug set, bags etc. to get me set for when I get to a school!

 What would be a 21st without some jewellery! My friends and family know me so well and they picked out some real classic pieces. I chose the watch pictured from my Mum and Dad but the rest were all a surprise! I have a mixture of sparkle and sophistication and I love them all.

 As a beauty blogger it was inevitable that I would get some beauty related items and I sure was spoiled with them! I received everything from nail varnishes, to make-up bags, to smellies. I love them all!

 I also received some fashion itms including an Olaf jumper, a tartan scarf and this gorgeous mint green bag!

Jewellery boxes
I also received some beautiful jewellery boxes to store all of the jewellery I received for my 21st. Each one is very different which makes them even more lovely!

'Thoughtful' gifts
 When I use the term 'thoughtful' here I mean they are gifts that people have bought which really shows that they know me well. The Alice in Wonderland books are something that I collect and these editions are so beautiful. The heart chalk board is such a sweet idea as I love anything that is heart shaped. The Cath Kidtson cake stand is amazing as I love my baking and I have wanted one for ages. I have wanted a mason jar cup for ages too so I am obsessed with this! The mason jar candle is so cute and vintage and very me. Finally the personalised heart from my parents was just perfect. I adore things like this and the message meant the world to me!

Photo related items
 I am big into my photography so I received a few photo related items which I love too! My sister for me a 21st photo album which I will fill with photo's from my party!

Fancy a drink anyone?
 I loved this idea of Christmas cocktail baubles,such a cute and clever idea! My friend also bought me a cocktail glass so the two work perfectly together. I also received lots of champagne too!

A collectable
The last thing I was given was a Steiff bear from my Nan. These are the oldest types of bears and they are made in Germany. She got this personalised for me and wants me to keep it for a long time. She told me that they are antiques and collectables so if ever a time comes when I need the money, this will help me. This is so sweet because not only is the bear gorgeous but my Nan was thinking of my future too.

I also received money too, so as you can see I was spoiled!

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