Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas Day 13: Room decorations!

Hello my lovelies!

Nothing makes me feel more festive then decorating my room. It makes me so happy when I wake up to all the decorations and it puts me in a good mood straight away! I literally begged my Mum this week to get the decorations down from the loft so I could get cracking. I bought a few extra bits and bobs this year too and I am super happy with them. I have quite a small room so I can't go too over board otherwise it will look cluttered, but that is good for me otherwise I would put EVERYTHING in my room! I have gone for a red/gold/green theme and here is the finished look!

 Merry Christmas sign - The Christmas shop £1.50. I bought this because it matches our initial tree decorations that I bought for my family this year too!

 Red tinsel - had this for years so don't know the shop or price!

 We received this as a present last year and it was filled with sweets. I love how vintage and chic it looks so we decided to keep it and I now use it as a decoration!

 Festive candles - glass jars were from Primark and were £2.50 for the three. They are berry scented. Yankee candles were £1.80 each and I got a range of scents - post coming about these soon!

 No room would be complete without a Christmas tree! This was passed down from my Nan and I love how traditional it is. The decorations came with it too which saves a job!

 Finally I bought some Christmas fairy lights! These were £3 from Primark and are battery operated lights. They had a whole range of lights but I went for the little Christmas trees because I thought they were super cute.

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