Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas Day 11: Winter essentials!

Hello my lovelies!

There are a few things that I always use in winter that help me to get through the cold. I love winter though so this isn't a bad thing for me!

Driving gloves

While this may seem like a random pick, for anyone who drives they will understand this. During the winter getting into your car is essentially an arctic experience. You have to de-ice the car and wait for it to warm up all before you even start driving. A saviour throughout all of this is my driving gloves. My hands get freezing so quickly which makes it hard to drive sometimes. These driving gloves are real leather which means they don't slip off the steering wheel and they make your hands warm too - bliss!

Lip scrub

 We all know that winter is the time for chapped lips because of the cold whether. I am a big lover of wearing lipstick which means I need to make sure my lips are in good condition. The lip scrub I like is the LUSH mint julips one. It leaves my lips feeling beautiful and you can eat any excess too. Yummy!

Statement red lip

Winter is the time for a red lip. Go bold or go home! I love red lipstick all year round but the festive season means I can get a bit more glam. I have been loving W7's Kiss lipstick in the shade forever red. It is a deep red with glitter bits in it which a really pigmented on the lips. It adds an extra sparkle to the day!

Christmas albums

I mean this one is a given! Who can go through winter without listening to some Christmas songs?! My two favourite albums are Pentatonix's - That's Christmas to me and Michael Buble's - Christmas.

So these are all of my winter essentials - what are yours?

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