Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why I love Christmas

Hello my lovelies!

Many of you will have seen already that I am on the Christmas hype and have been since around October. Lots of people complain at me for talking about Christmas at that time but I have my reasons. For me, Christmas is more than just a holiday. It is a time where I get to tell my loved ones why I love them and I get to treat them and make them feel special. In my books the earlier that this kind of love starts, the better. I have always been really lucky and I have never had a bad Christmas. I don't mean materialistically, I mean with family. I am always surrounded by my family and friends and I always feel an immense lot of love in the room. I understand that not everyone has this, which is another reason why I am so appreciative that I do.

My Nan is Christian so she loves this time of year. It is so nice to see her so happy and celebrating her religion, something that is a large part of her life. For the past few years I have neglected to go to midnight mass but this year I am going to go again. I love being there to support my Nan on one of her favourite days and to immerse myself in the Christmas festivities and singing hymns in church.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is giving people presents. I do not give presents to receive, far from it. I give people presents to show how much they mean to me. I have a reputation for giving really thoughtful gifts and I feel that this shows how much I listen to them and appreciate them. As an extra touch I love to write long messages in my Christmas cards telling my friends and family why I love them and why I appreciate them. Seeing their smiles is the most precious and priceless thing.

I also love Christmas because of the weather. I have always been a winter baby and I love wrapping up warm and snuggling up. There is nothing better than a nice hot chocolate, sat by the fire with the people you love. The weather also makes everything seem that bit magical. Every year I try to go to London while the Christmas lights are on and the trees are out in full display. Looking up at the sky and seeing twinkling lights makes me feel so content and happy. Christmas is also a great reason to re-connect with people you may have lost touch with. A message always seems to be more appreciated near the Christmas season!

Also one last thing - John Lewis and Coca cola adverts. And this year Sainsbury's too! Need I say more?!

Why do you love Christmas?

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