Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wednesday's weekly blogger #14

Hello my lovelies!

This week I present to you a crazy and fun blogger. Every one of her posts makes me smile! Rhianna also answered an additional Bonfire night question because today is the 5th November - happy fireworks night everyone!

1) What’s your blog name and URL?  
My blog name is Robowecop and my URL is

2) How did you come up with your blog name? 

Funny story, I was sat with my friend trying to think up a username I could use for the PlayStation Network. My first two initials are R and O and my surname is Bowe and my friend laughed and said 'Ro Bowe' sounded like the first part of 'RoboCop' and I loved it. And thus, Robowecop was born! Pronounced the same as the cheesy 80s movie but incorporating my surname and initials!

3) What is your blog about?
My blog is a little bit of everything. I'd say primarily beauty. I like writing reviews on beauty products I love or talking you guys through routines I have or showing you makeup looks to try out. I also love cooking and baking, so there are some recipes on there. Lifestyle posts, restaurant reviews, tips and advice, everything really! The only thing I don't really include is fashion (apart from the occasional wishlist) purely because I like reading about it but hate writing about it! 

4) What inspired you to start blogging?  
I've always had an obsession with the internet. It started with Bebo and MySpace when I was 12/13 then I moved to Facebook and Twitter, then Tumblr, then YouTube. I'm makeup/beauty/skincare obsessed so it seemed appropriate to start a beauty/lifestyle blog. I love writing (even though I'm not that great at it) and I love sharing stories. So starting a blog/vlog just seemed like something I'd enjoy! And I was right, I adore it.

5) Who is your favourite blogger to read?
I could never choose just one favourite! Some favourites include Zoe London, Vivianna Does Makeup, Lily Pebbles, essiebutton, The Sunday Girl and Velvet Gh0st.

6) What is your favourite post you have written on your blog?

Oooh! That's a hard question! My current favourite is probably a tie between my review of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks ( and a more personal post entitled Evening Epiphany. ( Both for different reasons obviously. But who's to say I won't have a new one soon!
7) What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is how it's an easy way to get your thoughts out there. You can be totally yourself and get all of your opinions and ideas into one place. It's such a fun hobby for me and if I'm honest, it would probably be my dream job to be a paid/professional blogger/youtuber. That and I love how amazing the blogging community are.

8) Please leave any other social network links


Additional Bonfire question!

9) What is your favourite memory from fireworks night? 
When I was younger I used to celebrate bonfire night at my Auntie's house because my back garden was too windy for fireworks. We always used to eat homemade tiffin and parkin and me and my younger brother would wrap up in gloves, hats, scarves and coats and stand outside with sparklers whilst my Dad and my Uncles set up the fireworks. We'd all stand in the cold shouting "OOOO" and "AHHH" to take the mick and one year, a firework wasn't put in the ground properly and it set off on an angle and hit the roof of a house across the street. We all panicked and ran inside and turned off all the lights to pretend like we weren't in. When we realised the people in the house we hit weren't in we went back outside and carried on the night! It was kind of bad of us but it was very funny! 

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