Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Terrific face trio

Hello my lovelies!

Recently I added two new face items into my everyday make-up and since then I feel like I have found my perfect face trio. The products all compliment each other really well and prove for a long-lasting base for any make-up. All of these products are from the high-street, so they are definitely affordable. I am aware none of these are that new but I am just a bit slow and hadn't got round to using them together!

Concealer - Collection lasting perfection

So many bloggers have tried this and I was always on the look out for this but they never had my shade in stock. I go for the lightest shade in everything and that shade was particularly popular for this concealer. Now I have my hands on it I always want it! The coverage is so good and it lasts for a long time too. This covers up any spots and red areas with no difficulties and makes my skin look more even.

Powder - Rimmel stay matte

Another classic product! This powder sets any face make-up really well without any fall out. This powder is very matte though so if you like the dewy look for your foundation you would only need a tiny bit of this. This powder is great for the t-zone, especially if this area gets oily like it does with me. I cannot do my make-up now without using this product!

Foundation - Rimmel lasting finish

I usually go for Rimmel's lasting perfection foundation but that has a very light coverage. Because we are getting into the colder months I wanted something with a heavier coverage and had heard good things about this foundation. This has medium coverage and glides onto the face well. You do not need loads of the product because the coverage is medium but the final look always looks flawless. This product is at its prime if you use the stay matte powder with it, this way it lasts all day without budging!

These three products together have made my skin look flawless. If you are looking for a good skin trio then I would recommend these!

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