Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sephora foundation review

Hello my lovelies!

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I went to Paris in September for the first time. While I was there I went and visited a Sephora store because I had never been in one before. While we were in there a lady offered to give us a free make-over which was really lovely. She used this foundation and I loved the finish of it so much that I purchased it.


This foundation has medium coverage and leaves a slightly dewy finish. This is different for me because I normally go for light coverage. I have been grabbing this for if I go on a night out because it lasts a very long time.


The foundation bottle says that it lasts for 10 hours and I would agree. I can wear this for a whole long day out and it will still look just as good as when I put it on. It blends really easily so you can have one layer or multiple to satisfy your look.


The bottle is made of glass and has a plastic black lid. I really like the packaging because it feels sturdy and it doesn't feel like it will break in my make-up bag. The plastic lid is thick too and it always stays in place which is great for travel. Nothing worse then the lid coming off and wasting some of the product!


The shade pictured above is 'light' shade 14. They did actually have some paler shades then this too which is a shock because normally I go for the lightest. This suits my skin tone perfectly and doesn't take long to sink in either.

All in all I love this foundation and I am really sad that we do not have a Sephora store in England! I am definitely considering paying for this to be shipped from Paris because I love it so much!

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