Saturday, 1 November 2014

October - my favourite bloggers

Hello my lovelies!

Did you all have a good October and enjoy halloween? I would love to know what you all got up to! Now we have officially finished October I thought I would share with you my favourite bloggers from the month. This has got positive praise the past few months and I think it is nice to share the love! So her are my October blogger favourites :)

 This months beauty blogger is Lisa from China Doll Diaries. She has been doing great reviews and seasonal favourites this month. I like to read seasonal beauty posts, especially about skin, because I like to try out new things! Lisa is also super friendly and always takes the time out to comment on other blogs and share the love. You should definitely check her out!


This months fashion blogger goes to Cat from One hand in my pocket. This month she has done some beautiful and stylish OOTD'S including the colour wine, I love seeing these looks because they always give me inspiration! She also does fun fashion wishlists which can give me ideas that I would never have thought about before. I really like her fashion and I think that she is a good blog to follow!
 This months lifestyle blogger goes to Sammy from Little Fickle. I must admit that lifestyle blogs are my favourite and I have been loving Sammy's this month. She has shared some really honest pieces about karma, insecurities, her family and so on. Any blogger that is that honest deserves a medal in my book! This blog is the one I have been going back to every day to check for new posts. You really need to read her work!

I haven't found any health bloggers this month that I have gone back to so this month I am just doing a bonus blog! Please leave a comment with any good health bloggers because I would love to read more.

Finally my bonus blog of the month goes to Jesse from That Jesse Bloke. Jesse's blog honestly has something for everyone. It has recipes, book reviews, places to visit and loads more. I love reading Jesse's blog because it gives me a nice insight into his life. It gives me good suggestions for things to do and always leaves me smiling. Jesse is honestly so nice to chat to as well - he is a good blogger friend to have!

So that has been my October favourite bloggers. Who have been your favourites? Please share so I can read them too!

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