Thursday, 27 November 2014

November in photo's!

Hello my lovelies!

I like to do this every month because it serves like a massive diary post that I can look back at in years to come! I really enjoyed November. Although t was super busy I had some really good times and I got into the festive spirit too. I am so excited that we are now going into December because I will be celebrating my 21st birthday and Christmas!

Walks in Virginia Waters with my friend Clemmie who I had not seen in ages, bought my first lot of Christmas decorations which were sparkly initials for my family, had a date for the first time in 2 years which went really well, went to the SU with my friends to celebrate Tommy's 21st, and then we travelled to Portsmouth to have a meal with his family, and then go clubbing in Tiger Tiger, I wrapped up all of my Christmas presents and I am VERY happy with the outcome, did a bit of festive shopping with my Mum in Camberley, including visiting the new Christmas shop in town!, I then went out for a meal to celebrate another friends 21st, I bought a dress for my 21st, listened to Christmas albums, had a Christmas coaster made for me by my cousin, went out for a meal with two of my favourite old work colleagues, had cuddles with my cats, and caught up with Ella (one of the work colleagues) after not seeing each other for a whole year!

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