Friday, 21 November 2014

Life update - 3rd year at university

Hello my lovelies!

Third year is hard. A lot harder than I ever expected it to be, but at the same time it is rewarding. I am at the stage where everything is crazy busy. I have coursework to do and participants for my 3rd year project coming out of my ears. There is a lot to take on and I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to do well. I am currently commuting in this year which has its ups and downs. I love living at home - I am constantly surrounded by people that love and support me (including my cats) and I get to have my home comforts too. The down side is that I can waste an hour of my day driving and at the moment every hour counts.

While that all sounds negative there are some positives too. The end is in sight which is really exciting. Each day I get closer to attending my graduation and starting my training course for my dream job. I keep thinking how proud I am of myself for sticking through this all and accomplishing quite a big feat. I wouldn't say I am incredibly academic, I always relied on my 'well-roundedness' which is what got me into this university because I didn't get the grades. Uni has taught me how to improve my education and look at things more analytically.

Another positive is that I appreciate time with my friends a lot more. Because I am so busy and I live at home it is a lot more difficult to spend time with my friends. This means when I do end up seeing them I appreciate every moment that little bit more because I don't know when that will next happen again. I am also appreciative of the fact that I am still just as close with my friends. They all make the effort even though I am not living near by any more and they are still just as happy to see me.

I feel like this year I am reaching an end of a chapter, and next summer will be the start of a new one. So while I am super busy, stressed and frantic I am still trying my best to have perspective and see that I am nearly at the finishing line! If you are currently in university I would love to hear how your experience is going to. I am always interested to see how university's differ!

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