Friday, 14 November 2014

Insecurities: Make-up

Hello my lovelies!

On Saturday I posted my answers to The Beauty Blogger Tag and one of them asked whether you would leave the house without make-up on. My answer was that it would be a whole post by itself, so that is what I am going to do. I have experimented with make-up since the age of around 13/14. When I started wearing it it was just for fun, it was a nice way to bond with girl friends and play around artistically. When I hit around 15/16 I was finding that I couldn't go a day without it and that peaked around 17/18. I felt that if I went out without at least some make-up on people would judge me and think that I looked disgusting.

Now that I am 20 I have got a lot better, I am comfortable with my friends seeing me without make-up and I will have no make-up days at home and I will pop to the shops. However, I am still uncomfortable meeting new people without it on. I feel like make-up gives me this confidence that makes me a better person and a better version of myself. When I meet people they see this confidence and it makes them like me more. In reality this is probably not the case but it is very much psychological on my part. I recently have been asking myself, why should I care? Why should I care about what these strangers think? Why should I care about these opinions if they are judging me on superficial elements? Obviously this is easier said then done and media has a huge part to play in this.

When I was younger I used to buy magazines, as many teenage girls do, and was bombarded by advertisements for make-up and 'which celebrity wore it best'. The most shocking ones are the publications showing celebrities with no make-up on and saying how disgusting they look. As an impressionable teenager this showed to me that girls should always be viewed as beautiful and the only way to accomplish this is to wear make-up. How ridiculous is that?!

Since I started university I have realised that this isn't the case but that is because of the people I have surrounded myself with. I am surrounded by beautiful girls who are so comfortable without make-up and that has then transferred to me. I have received compliments about me 'being happy' and 'having a great personality', compliments that are not superficial but look at my personality. The real me. While I do still wear make-up, I do it because I want to wear it and experiment with it, not because I think others will want me to. That is a very important distinction.

I guess what I am trying to say is if there are any younger girls reading this post, don't listen to them! Concentrate on being the best version of yourself, not through make-up but through intellect, personality, kindness. These traits will be the ones people remember, not what kind of mascara you used in 2003!

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